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Entrepreneur, Watch Specialist, and Content Creator

John Pietrasz is an Investor and Founder of Delray Watch, Delray Founded in 2017, Delray Watch is a technology-driven e commerce business that has helped thousands of collectors to buy, sell, and trade luxury watches. Delray Watch specializes in enthusiast-grade watches. More information can be found at 

Prior to Delray Watch, John founded Andon Technologies, a technology services company with a specialization and focus on the watch industry. Additionally, he served as Chief Technology Officer of PropertyForce and has held other similar roles. 

John currently hosts a watch-themed podcast titled, "John P Watches" primarily on YouTube. Here, an inside glimpse into the world of the watch industry is displayed to the audience. In depth watch reviews are also frequently posted. More info can be found at 

John holds an MSc from Brown University.

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